How to play

Welcome on the How To play section. Everything you always wanted to know about how Red Steel 2 plays is one click away. So sit back, start the video and enjoy!

How to play video

Eagle technique

This secret Kusagari technique allows you to propel foes in the air with a powerful slash.

You can execute combos after this technique. Toss the enemy in the air, then choose between a powerful gunshot and a mighty slash. You can also just shoot your enemy when he has no way of defending himself.

  1. Press A button icon + B button icon
    to load your katana
  2. Press the Wii MotionPlus up arrow
    Wii MotionPlus upward thrust

Tiger technique

The Tiger is defensive technique.

You can wait in guard mode, observing your enemy. When he attacks you counter him, opening his guard with a full slow motion effect that let you destroy him. Mastering this technique can save you from anything.

  1. Hold A Button icon
  2. Press Nunchuk + Wii MotionPlus up arrows
    Nunchuk + Wii MotionPlus on front

Dragon technique

This is one of your most offensive katana techniques.

It launches a flow of energy in the direction you aim for. Damaging enemies is not his only utility. You can use it to push enemies against wall to stun them. You can also send them off the cliff.

  1. Press A Button icon + B Button icon
    to load your katana
  2. Wii MotionPlus icon with right or left arrow
    Wii MotionPlus to the left or right

Bear technique

This Kusagari technique is very useful to handle a lot of enemies.

It allows you to shake the ground and control any number of enemies with a unique move. These enemies can be easily finished or damaged.

  1. Press A Button icon + B Button icon
    to load your katana
  2. Wii MotionPlus with down arrow
    Wii MotionPlus downward thrust

Cobra technique

The cobra is your gun technique.

It works only with your .357 longarm.
You focus all your gunskill in a single wave of bullets.
It does monstrous damage and can sometimes break through the enemy defenses.

  1. Hold B Button icon
    Load your revolver
  2. Wii MotionPlus icon with dotted line for timing Aim